The best success Starts with a business plan

About Business Plan University

Business Plan University is a dynamic, groundbreaking company using cutting edge educational technology and applications to provide an encompassing business building process that works. The writing of a business plan is a representation of an idea, but also incorporates the future company's identity. That identity is no more visible than on your website. We combine the very best Website building tools, with the most effective teaching platform for learning how to write a successful business plan.

Business Plan University teaches practical and applicable information that has been proven to build a solid foundation for learning and growth. This learning is further amplified by a philosophy of success delivered by the support of Business Plan University.

At Business Plan University we believe that "Business is life and life is business!" Our purpose, goal, and inspiration is to improve the lives of students from every walk of life. We realize that education is as unique as the person receiving the information. This is why it does not matter your background or your education level, this web-based application will guide all users through the process of building a business plan and website. Business Plan University has set a new benchmark with our state of the art software to facilitate better results.

We welcome you to the Business Plan University learning experience. Become familiar with our program, our coaches, and our providers. Business Plan University is accredited as a post-secondary non-degree granting program by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Additionally our funding partners eagerly await your business plan submission, provided that it is the route that you choose to take.